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Self-Funded Plans for Small and Large Employers

Our self-funded plans are custom-designed to meet a company’s needs – while freeing it from state regulatory burdens and reducing state insurance premium taxes. (ERISA rules generally apply to self-funded plans in South Carolina.)  Our self-funded plans can often save groups more money than fully insured plans.


Fully-Insured Products

Our fully insured plans have many design variations, as well as different deductible and copayments to meet the needs of each group.

TCC is the administrator for all Charleston Chamber of Commerce fully insured plans. We can administer any South Carolina Chamber plan.


Limited Benefit Plans

Crescent Medical Bridge Limited Medical Plan is a lower-cost option for employers who do not wish to participate in an expensive Major Medical plan, or for those who simply cannot afford to do so.


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

FSAs allow employees to set aside pre-tax earnings to pay for dependent and health care expenses that qualify under rules established by the IRS. Employees also benefit from having less taxable income in each paycheck, which means more spendable income to use towards their eligible medical and dependent care expenses. Additionally, employers may experience a reduction in employer and FICA taxes.


Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)

HRA administration is offered to help employers reduce the cost of providing health insurance and to provide an untaxed reimbursement for employees. TCC offers "one-stop shop" administration of both the health plan and HRA.


Individual products including short-term health

Preferred Personal Care Short-Term Health Insurance is an option for individuals in need of a health plan to fill the gap while waiting for coverage at a new job or when between jobs, no longer covered by a parent’s plan, or temporarily without health insurance for any reason.


Ancillary products including dental, vision, and short term disability


TCC offers administration for a variety of ancillary products including self-funded dental and vision coverage as well as short term disability.


Medical Management Services

TCC offers medical management services such as pre-admission review, case management, and utilization review.